Being overweight can substantially increase the risks for several serious and chronic health issues. As a top provider of weight loss surgery in Sherman Oaks, CA, Beverly Oaks Surgery is committed to providing men and women with the most effective and advanced options to help them lose weight and lead healthier lives.

Weight Loss Surgery Q & A

Is your weight affecting your health and happiness or limiting how you live?

Don’t let that feeling of hopelessness prevent you from getting your healthy, active life back.

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Millions of people before you have felt the way you do. They made a change that improved their lives. Will you?

Did you know?

That weight loss surgery is 9x more effective at curing Type 2 weight-related diabetes than traditional medicine and care?

That the average weight loss surgery patient extends their life by 9 years compared to those that don’t get the surgery? (Based on BMI of 35+.)

That obesity costs Americans millions of dollars in productivity and preventable medical expenses and that it’s the number one cause of preventable death in the U.S.?

Gastric Sleeve

Also called sleeve gastrectomy, it’s a procedure that removes about three-quarters of the stomach, creating a tube or sleeve-shaped area capable of holding only a small amount of food. It allows the patient to feel less hungry and more satisfied while eating smaller portions.

Gastric Balloon – Orbera

During the non-surgical, non-invasive Orbera gastric balloon procedure, a balloon is inserted through the esophagus and then inflated in the stomach, taking up space and allowing the patient to feel full and satisfied while eating less food.